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About the project

This project is a tribute to the sound and art of José L. Romanillos, who passed away on February 12th 2022.

He was one of the most influential traditional Spanish guitar makers of the 20th century. His legacy as guitar historian, author and teacher will be a source of inspiration for the future generations of classical guitarists and luthiers. 

To honour José’s  unparalleled craftsmanship and total artistic commitment, we present this recording where for the very first time we bring together the last four guitars he created. 

These instruments are absolute masterpieces, closely associated with personal events in the lives of both José and his wife Marian.

The recording is engineered under the care of the legendary John Taylor, and features music by Tárrega, Llobet, and Granados performed solo by Antigoni Goni and in duo and trio formations with the other two members of the “Volterra Project Trio”, Luca Isolani and Maarten Vandenbemden. The album is accompanied by an extended high-quality booklet with photographic material, texts and personal memories. 


We wish that this project will contribute to keeping José’s legacy alive, and serve as a reminder to us all of the complexity, beauty and chromatic richness of our instrument.

The guitars

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